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Final Fund Raiser for Band Program Beginning Today

It takes a lot of money to run a band program. Entrance fees, traveling expenses, music, instrument repair, new equipment, props, clothing, software, website development, reeds, mouthpieces, cleaning supplies, music stands, drum sticks, and much more all add to the expense of the program. Unfortunately, our school is unable to supply the money for some of these expenses, and that is where you come in.

Each year we have four major fund raisers.

Scrip: This is our gift card program, and it is ongoing through the year. On Friday, students can bring an order form home, where you can order gift cards to use at home. We get them at a slight discount and keep the difference. You use them to purchase groceries, gas, and more-- things you would already be purchasing anyway.

Popcorn: In the spring, we sell wonderful flavored popcorn.

Booster Dinner: Somewhere in January or February the band boosters host a dinner at a HS basketball game.

Cheese and Sausage: Selling much more than just cheese and sausage, each year in September we sell all kinds of chocolates, cheese, and sausage.

It's Popcorn Time!

Our Popcorn sale each year is our second largest fund raiser! This year the sale begins on Tuesday, April 10. Our goal will be to sell an average of 10 items per student, or approximately 1750 items total. This should be enough to finish funding our expenses for the rest of the school year and the following summer.

Want to purchase some popcorn or make a donation? Items will be sold by any band student between April 10 and April 23.

Thank you-- without this kind of support, our program could not exist!

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