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Spectacular Results at State Solo/Ensemble Festival

On Saturday, February 23, 19 Bremen Public School Students traveled to the State Solo/Ensemble Festival and performed with other elite student musicians all over the state.

Students qualified for this festival by receiving a gold rating at the District Solo/Ensemble Festival last month, while performing at the highest difficulty level, "Group I."

The results? Spectacular!


Jeremy Prawat earned four gold ratings for four different performances: three solos and one ensemble. He received a perfect core on his snare solo, and half a point from a perfect score on his marimba solo. In the past 13 years, no student has ever received gold on four performances at the state level before.

Another perfect score was earned by Julianne Lawmaster on her flute solo. This was her second year in a row earning a perfect score at the state level.

100% of our ensembles and 73% of our solos received a gold rating. 11 out of 14 entries received gold ratings overall.

21 Gold and 3 Silver medals were awarded.

19 students attended the state competition. This is just two less than the record number of students sent for the band program in the past 13 years. 21 students is the record, set in 2018.

Here's a full listing of their ratings, in order by performance time:


Elijah Clark, Sophomore Clarinet, Silver

Jeremy Prawat, Sophomore Marimba, Gold

Jeremy Prawat, Sophomore Timpani, Gold

Jeremy Prawat, Sophomore Snare, Gold

Anna Leeper, Senior Trumpet, Gold

Chandler Miller, Junior Alto Saxophone: Silver

Joshua Szpakowski, Junior Tuba, Gold

Joshua Staiger, Senior Clarinet, Gold

Freeman Patterson, Senior Bass Clarinet, Gold

Isabel Reynoso, Sophomore Flute, Silver

Julianne Lawmaster, Junior Flute, Gold


Percussion Ensemble: Gold

Ashley Jeffirs, Senior

Brandon Schmucker, Junior

Jeremy Prawat, Sophomore

Daniel Alvarado, Freshman

Thomas Hilgendorf, Freshman

Aidan Russell, Freshman

Marisol Torres, Freshman

Brass Trio: Gold

Job Long, Senior Trombone

Joshua Szpakowski, Junior Tuba

Ashton Kucera, Junior Trumpet

Saxophone Trio: Gold

Freeman Patterson, Senior Tenor Saxophone

Chandler Miller, Junior Alto Saxophone

Taylor Perez, Junior Baritone Saxophone

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